Invitation Visit USA Seminar 2018

Visit USA Committee Austria

The annual VUSA Seminar is hosted by the Visit USA Committee Austria. In 2018 we will offer the Visit USA Seminar in Linz and the Speeddating Workshop in Graz.

In 2017 nearly 100 agents visited the Visit USA Seminar in Vienna – the seminar was a great success and we received a lot of extremely positive response. We estimate an attendance of about 140 agents in Linz and 60 in Graz. Agents will be invited via newsletter which will be sent to all travel agencies in Austria. There will also be advertisements placed in the travel trade magazines.

Preliminary Seminar Program

The Seminar
In 2018 the Visit USA Committee Austria will again offer two events, the Seminar in Linz and the Speeddating Workshop in Graz.
On behalf of the Visit USA Committee Austria we invite you to join our two events and have the opportunity to get in touch with the Austrian travel trade!

January 24, 2018 – LINZ
January 25, 2018 – GRAZ

Two packages will be offered for your participation:
Package A includes the Seminar in Linz
Package B includes Package A plus the Speeddating Workshop in Graz.

Why should you participate?
1. Austria has always been a growing market for travel to the US
2. Annual increases of 4-6%
3. 2015 showed an increase of 4% / 2016 not published yet
4. Forecasts 2017 show an increase of 1%
5. Austrians spend approx. USD 4.600,00 per trip according to statistics
6. The U.S. is still the top long-haul destination for Austrian travellers
7. Direct access to 200 Austrian travel agents (140 Linz, 60 Graz)

Your registration includes
Package A – Linz
1. Transfers from/to the airport
2. Your personal booth ready to move in
3. Two Hour Market Place for all exhibitors
4. Typical American dinner including additional interview session
5. Optional training sessions in the afternoon

Package B – Linz and Graz
In addition to package A it includes
6. Transfer from Linz to Graz
7. Afternoon Workshop (4 hours) at Hotel
8. Get Together with agents at the Bar
9. Transfers to airports or train station

Participation fees
for registrations until: Package A Package B
• until July 31, 2017, net: A) EUR 1.650 B) EUR 1.940
• until October 31, 2017, net: A) EUR 1.720 B) EUR 2.050
• after Oct 31, 2017, net: A) EUR 1.790 B) EUR 2.200

Additional costs apply for:
• Afternoon training session in Linz (20 min.)* net: EUR 320
• Hotel accomodation in Linz approx. net: EUR 95
• Hotel accomodation in Graz approx. net: EUR 95
* A maximum of 6 training sessions will be available (first come, first serve basis)

Rates, Early Booking Bonus and Deadlines

Cancellation fee:
In case you need to cancel after registration we have to charge as follows:
30 %   after registration
100 %  one month prior to seminar

  • as it should appear on the invoice

We thank you for your registration and guarantee that we will do our best to make this event a success for all of us!

With best regards

Visit USA Committee Austria

Werner O. Marschall